Saturday, April 27, 2013

Helping each other for everybody's success

It saddens me everytime I think about what has happened to this great industry. The only industry that is fair, the only industry where your success is determined by how much you help others succeed unlike the dog eat dog world we live in today. But maybe you're one of those people who have had a bad experience with Network Marketing, of course your views are valid as well and it hurts me deeply that you have had to witness the things you have first hand about the industry, which is not what it is at all.

The truth about Network Marketing is, it is not the industry that is bad, it is people who have made the industry bad. Network Marketing is an industry that has changed many lives and has developed many leaders in our society today.

When you start Network Marketing you are starting your OWN business and just like any other business, you are actually duplicating the system that created by the company you affiliate with.

The only difference is you will never risk losing more capital in Network Marketing than you would in traditional business. After all, you can start your own Network Marketing business anywhere from $100 to $500 sometimes more, sometimes less. I don't know of anything else in this world where you can invest so little yet the rewards are the same if not more than any other small or big business can offer, and I think that is where the problem is. Just as it is easy to start and get into, it is just as easy to quit or not do anything with it.

Would you say NO to network marketing? Courtesy from mr jamil bosri from fb friend

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